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Decision Node issue

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I havent made any changes to my business processes in a long while so something may no longer work correctly with decsion nodes. I have added some cloud automation and when I come to publish it complains that I only have one outflow, do you know what I need to replace this with now?





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  • Victor changed the title to Decision Node issue


I hope I am just stating the obvious but if there is only one outflow from a decision, either no decision is being made OR the workflow will simply break when it meets a condition not handled. We are tightening up the design rules in the BPM to help protect customers from themselves :) 

It seems that some people where using single output decision nodes as a way of routing the flow to help tidy up the flow diagrams, for that we have now added a new "Via" node, this does nothing, apart from routes the flow. 

In your case it seems if the outcome of the decision was not "Priority" your BPM would break, so as @Victor rightly says, you can simply remove it and join the proceeding and following nodes. 


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thanks @Gerry it makes perfect sense. It was only because I hadn't made a changes to the bpm in over 15 months so I hadnt even noticed the decsiion node at first. When I first created it 3 years back it did have three decisions coming off it, which I tuned later but hadnt removed the node.

I need to spend more time improving my bpm inline with the chnages you guys are making to keep current. Thanks again.

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