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Draft BPM not based on published BPM?

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I am ever so confused. 

| am working on a BPM draft which, in my understanding,  should contain everything that is in the published version of the BPM (version 58). I have made changes to the draft and then realised that some of the nodes that are in version 58 are not there. Not sure what my next step is. I need to be enhancing version 58 and not a random version of the BPM. Help !?









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@Victor I wouldn't have done that on purpose (didn't know about that functionality) but I guess I must have done. I have now copied v58 to draft using that functionality to start afresh. Is there any smart way of copying nodes (from v59 which I made heaps of changes to this morning) to the new draft? :wacko: Thanks again. Learning is a constant thing....

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@Mette Petersen 

1. In Publishing Manager open the version with the heaps of changes (make sure is the View button, not Copy :))

2. Select the node you want (CTRL + click to select multiple at once)

3. Right click on selected nodes and use "Copy Selected Nodes"

4. In Publishing Manager open the draft version

5. Right click on canvas and use "Paste Nodes"

I've asked development t see if they can put a confirmation screen when using the "Copy To Draft" so it avoids any misscliks.

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