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Notification when Colleague Adds Comment to Request


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The owner doesn't currently receive notifications via email or in Hornbill when a colleague has added a comment to a request.

Sometimes i might drop into a request with a bit of information that might assist the engineer, and i have come to realise that alot of the time they don't know i have put a comment on there.

I looked through the Service Manager settings for "Notification" and "Colleague" but i couldn't see any settings that i could change, there was only ones related to other updates for example customer update.

Is there a setting for this i am not seeing, or could it perhaps be something that you could consider adding?

Thank you


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This is a useful tip. However we do get caught out when a portal user updates the Request via a Comment against an Update in the timeline (we can't keep reminding them to enter @mention). The Request Owner never picks up on this Comment and gets an earbashing 2 days later by a frustrated Customer!

I have raised this before but this make me think of an obvious solution - the same as in Facebook when the comment prefixes itself with the name of the person who entered the update that is being Commented on. In other words the @mention is automatically put in for the user. 

Even better of course(!) would be the ability just to switch on/off Comments across a whole instance as in my view they disrupt the Timeline flow.

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