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Email Templates - Hyperlinks to Requests


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Trying to figure out the correct syntax/vaiables to use to provide a url link to a specific request within an email notification.

One of the sticking points is that we use HB both internally and externally so depending on the customer the URL would be different (service. VS customer.)

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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@Malcolm you are able to include both URL's in the same email, and depending on the customer type you can use the ESP Conditions available in email templates.

Doing this will only display the correct one in the email template, depending on the customer type on each request :) 

Insert ESP Conditions - using the book icon next to the variable drop down picker


So the email template looks like this


1. For external contact's using the customer portal



2. For internal customers using the service portal



** For both of the above URL's you will need to substitute <instance> with your instance name

Let us know how you get on 


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