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Off hold automation request


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Good day all,

I have had been asked if it would be at all possible to automate an appointment in a personal calendar (ideally with a hyperlink) to show when a call is scheduled to come off hold (possibly by using an API?).

Currently, we have a few people in our team that manually create appointments in outlook to prompt them for when calls are due to come off hold as they do not live in Hornbill. The ability to automate this would be a nice benefit for them and others likewise.

I don't see that the BPM would be suitable for this as these are not always done at a specific point in the call as part of a process.

Cheers for any information or help.

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@cchalmers do you use sub statuses?

If so there are some existing options which may help here OOTB.

1. On your sub statuses, if you set the pause until date/time to No, it will allow you to create a reminder task at the time the request is put on hold 


In the request


Now if the user's are not always logged into Hornbill, this may not give you what you are after.

Another option would be to use the request status On Auto off-hold change sub-status to.. 

So per service / and request type you can set this up


In this example if the sub status changes from on-hold to off-hold for example, you can have an email sent to the owner / or team if there is no owner, so the owner will get a notification if they are not logged into Hornbill.  

In the admin console

Home > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Settings


This setting will allow each agent to decide what type of notifications they wish to receive, in the profile they can then choose under the notification tab, to receive email notifications for request sub status changes



This way if they are not logged into Hornbill, they will get an email notification that the request sub-status has changed - useful as well if you have sub-status changes set up to automatically come off hold if the customer provides an update via email or self service.

Hope that helps






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