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Notifications to team when Customer updates ticket

Mette Petersen

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We have a Customer that updates requests via the Customer Portal. Notifications back and forth work fine (below are the settings we have defined). However, we need another notification or if not possible/available, then a suggested work-around. 

Our internal procedure is that an Owner is always assigned to a request. What happens when that Owner is out of office? This issue we have is mainly due to the shifts that we have and when the Owner has left for the day,  the team does not get a notification that the ticket has been updated by the Customer. There are potentially lots of requests open in an Owner's name, so we cannot reassign them at the end of the Owner's shift.  


Thank you for your input!



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Hi Mette,

Thanks for your post.

Would I be right in thinking that while the owner is available, you wouldn't want the other team members to be notified on customer update?  If that is the case, how are you currently setting your users in Hornbill when they are off shift? Or would your preference be to have all team members notified of all customer updates? The only thing with that is the team members may get too many notifications that they don't actually need to respond to.



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@James Ainsworth 

I have a question regarding customer updates on the new employee portal. Are this settings for email notification to the request owner? because when some customer is updating his ticket the owner don't get any information in our case.




Thanks Nikolaj


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I've got a query that may be related to this, so I'm posting this here. We have a team where an owner might be assigned but others may chip in depending on availability.  Our tickets are coming in via email rather than portal. What they want is to be able to identify the last customer update (rather than the last update) and more specifically when the last customer update is after the last team update. This is different in that they don't want notifications, they want to be able to pick it up from looking at the request list. I think the colouring of updated tickets is designed to have this effect, but because it is not necessarily the owner commenting on the ticket then that doesn't work out. I realise they could take ownership and give it back but that feels a little convoluted. Is there a way of structuring the request list to give this view ? Newbie question ! 



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