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Deleting Contacts

RIchard Horton

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I would like to be able to delete Contacts. I seem to be able to archive them but not to delete them.

There are 2 reasons for wanting to be able to do this

1/ contacts were set up in testing that I want to get rid of

2/ if we get a GDPR deletion request I want to be able to do a delete (not expecting this but would like to know how to do it if it happens)

[Not sure I've categorised this correctly, but hopefully it's clear enough]



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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post.  Not always easy to know where to post.  While Contacts are used in Customer Manager they are actually part of the Collaboration Core.  Both here and the Collaboration topic would be fine for questions like this.  In this case, I'm going to move it to the Collaboration Core just to make sure that it is seen by the appropriate support team.



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+1 to be able to delete contacts. It has caused issues where staff has mistakedly created duplicate contacts and we would like to be able to delete them. The same goes for test contacts.
Regarding GDPR, it would be nice to be able to anonymize contacts if the connection to requests is needed by the system.

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