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"Known Error" Process - No Resolve Option


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I am trying to use the Known Error process that comes out of the box in Hornbill, but I have run in to a problem with it.

I have noticed that the second stage of the process (Resolution and closure) does not actually start:


When the ticket is raised and the request is categorised Hornbill does not give a Resolve option, instead it just gives me a flat CLOSE box with not even an option to put in any text, so the actions in the template above will not have a chance to kick in:


I have checked the Service Catalogue and Resolve action is enabled:



I've not seen this behaviour with any other process before. Any ideas?



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Hi JAquino,

Thanks for your post. 

I believe that this is something that was overlooked in the example workflows.  Known Errors, which are similar to a knowledge article don't typically have 2-stage closure.  While this ticket type only supports a 1-stage closure, it looks like the example workflow is trying to work it through a 2-stage closure.

To make the change to get this working you could look at the current Wait for Known Error Resolution ...



and change this to Wait for Request Closure


Once this is done, you can just remove the two Set Status to Closed nodes as the ticket will have been manually closed by this point.


I hope this helps,



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