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Stages and checkpoints not in line

Mette Petersen

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We have a little issue with stages and checkpoints not aligning. 

We have a process where we at the end of one stage, we have 2 next stage nodes.

* If we select one, it will go through the full process and there is no issue.

* If we select the other option, the process skips a stage. What we are seeing in the request is that the stage has disappeared which is normal, but the checklist still appears and has shifted all other checklists over by one stage. The stages and checklists no longer match and makes things very confusing. 

I have and example I can share if needed. 




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@Mette Petersen ah, I see what you mean... this is something @Dan Munns experienced not long ago, his workflow also did not have checkpoints aligned with stages... https://community.hornbill.com/topic/17566-error-cannot-read-property-start-of-null/?do=findComment&comment=84474 

We were never able to figure out how this happens, I have tried several scenarios ... seems to be something when having many stages but could not work out how/why... I woudl have to re-do the tests as now we have a new app setting (app.bpm.display.skippedstages.hide) which might lead to a different outcome... may I ask if possible to PM me a copy of the workflow definition file?


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