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Activity template - "starts on" as default?

Mette Petersen

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We would like to use activity templates to add interventions in the calendar. We need to complete the Starts On as well as the Due On fields.

I cannot see how to click Starts On so that it appears by default in the task.  Can this be done? It is a repetitive task that we would like to avoid since this activity template will be used very often. 






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@Miro We saw that the Starts On is now available in the activity templates which is great and we have selected it so it defaults in the activity. However, when we actually go to fill in Starts on details, we can only populate the date. When we try to put in a time, the Starts On field disappears again. 




When we try to pick a time, the starts on field disappears



Can you have a look? 




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