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Role Required for Editing Task Assignment?

Ben Maddams

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We frequently run into tasks on tickets which cannot be closed off as they're assigned to a different team/technician - I need a way to reassign this through the
task edit (the option you get by clicking the square icon that looks like a page, to the left of the task name, below). 
I currently have the option to do so, but none of my technicians do, I've tried replicating my role structure for them but they still don't can't do this. Am I missing
something really basic? The edit option I'm trying to get them to is on the following page.
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Re-Assignment Rules

If an activity is already assigned to a user / group / role, then there are different scenarios in which a user will be able to edit and change the assignment of the activity.

  • Owner - The user who created the activity will be able to reassign the activity at any time
  • Group Only - If the activity is assigned only to a group, any user in the group is able to assign the activity to themselves or another user
  • Group & User - if the activity is assigned to both a group and user, then the owner of the activity is able to reassign it
  • Manager - If the system setting: task.onlyManagerCanAssignGroupUser is enabled and an activity is assigned to a Group Only, the manager of the group is able to assign the activity to a member of the group. In this context the term Manager refers to a user in the organizational group, whose role is that of Manager not team leader or member.

Also, I would advise looking into this documentation as well: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Experimental_Features - Complete Someone Else's Task on a Request

This feature allows a user to complete tasks that are assigned to another person. Supporting teams of a service that is associated to a request will be respected otherwise if a request is not associated to a service, then the user can complete tasks that are assigned to the user's team(s) members.

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