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On-Hold Periods


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I know that this has been mentioned many times before, but I used the excel spreadsheet that was provided to work out the on-hold time for this node but it just passes through... is there some that I have missed?


In the workflow, it assigned to an account, places on hold then updates the resolution text and emails the customer again (preferably after a year). But in the timeline is does it all at once and does not seem to notice the on-hold node. (timeline and workflow section below)



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@Jeremy - I hope you did not give up on workflows/BPs... :)

Just to explain why the solution provided by Martyn is needed. Workflows and requests actions are rather independent... The workflow acts as a guideline for how the request should be progressed and it can be designed to prevent or allow the request to be progressed in a certain way. But in order for requests actions and workflow actions to be tied together, the workflow needs to be configured as such otherwise it will behave independently of the request...

To put this in your example...you have a node that puts the request on hold... this means the request, not the workflow... just because the request is on hold it doesn't mean the workflow is also on hold... if you want both to be "suspended" then the workflow must also be put "on hold" using the node advised by Martyn...

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