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Templates using the Team variable {{Team.H_name}} when logging Requests has stopped working and there is a new variable in the list called {{.H_fk-team_name}} but i cannot get this to show the Team name in emails to the Customers.  Any suggestions?

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Is it possible that the customer email about the new request is being sent before the team has been assigned?  A change in the order that a request is processed within a BPM can sometimes result in this happening.  

Looking at the list of variables on the email template, either of these can be selected

  • Team Name: This is the value stored directly in the request for the team name and uses the variable {{.H_fk_team_name}}
  • Team - Name: Items in the variable list that contain a dash (-) are fields that are taken from a related entity and not within the actual request record itself.  In this case the entity is Team. This uses the variable {{Team.H_name}}.   The variable names begining with Team -  can be a good way to get information about a team that is not held in the request record.

In theory, either one of these should work, but possibly the first one is the better of the two.

If there are situations where you know that a field may not be populated you can add |empty to the variable


More documentation on this can be found here

Hope this helps.



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