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Timesheet Manager Usage Feedback


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Hi Everyone,


We are looking for some feedback as to how you all use the Timesheet Manager integration on a Service Manager request.

When adding a request update for example, do you click the play button in this image and then post your update or do you click into the timer box and enter a set period of time?

All feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Alex , Personally I don't use the play button at all. If I am investigating an issue for a customer on one of my incidents I generally keep a track of the time spent separately as it may require testing in a support environment or remote dial in access. I would then add a comment update or an email update and type the time spent in the timer box.
I think others may use the play button, I can do a quick straw poll if you like?


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@Martin.bowman @Alberto M thanks both for your feedback.

If you have the time, a quick straw poll on time spent usage would be most helpful and greatly appreciated. 

We are almost ready to release a major update to Timesheet Manager. Details of all functionality can be found on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Timesheet_Manager


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Thanks @Alex , good to hear about the update.
Also, I added this to anther thread earlier but the date selector bar appear to me a month out !

I don't suppose you can advise what table the timesheet sub categories are stored in, I can't locate them anywhere? Thanks


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