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Changing customer in a bpm from prog cap answer

Gareth Watkins

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Good afternoon. hope someone can help me.

I have a Prog cap set up that can raise a service request on behalf of another user. 
In the prog cap I use the search co workers function in group picker to allow the person raising the request to input another name from our coworker list. 

I'm trying to change the customer name via the BPM, based on this group picker, but am prevented from doing so as I need the h_user_id variable as oppose to the group picker value (Which is the 'h-name' variable).

Is there any way I can use the h_name variable to automatically change the customer in the BPM or at least use the h_name variable to lookup, capture and use the h_user_id value to change the customer?

Or do something else in the prog cap to capture the correct h_user_id variable first time? (Worth noting this variable displays user names, which a person logging the call will likely not know, so that's not an option).


Many thanks in advance

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@Gareth Watkins I am dong this exact same thing in an example in the sandbox, albeit i am using the Data Query > Search All Users in the PC but allow the user to raise this on behalf of another user.


In the BPM  I am using the  Update Request > Customer > Co Worker from Variable option 


In the variable picker i am finding the PC question and choosing to inject the RAW Value (the h_user_id) value from the Data Query from the PC.


As well as this, i am switching the original customer to be a connection, so they can retain visibility on the employee portal of the request they have raised. 

I have attached my PC and BPM's, if you want to upload them and check out what i am doing?

order-new-mobile-phone.pcf (3).txt

mobile-costs.bpm (3).txt


Tom makes the request on behalf of Anna Bishop


Request where customer has been switched to anna bishop and requestor to a connection.

Approval for the request is then sought from anna's line manager not tom's


Hope that helps

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