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Microsoft Team Integration @mentions

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I've been having a play around with the MS Teams AutoTask integration and had a quick query.

Is there a way to pass a @mention through the API.  I tried a post with@owner name (which matches the users display name in Teams) but it didn't flag it correctly in teams as a mention.

Does anyway have this working?



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Hi @Will J Douglas,

The current Teams integration doesn't support adding mentions. That particular feature was not added as there's no nice way of doing it due to complications in the API that Microsoft provide to perform this task - it's not as straightforward as @ mentioning someone I'm afraid. 

 With your requirement, would the mentions be hard-coded into the body input parameter? So they wouldn't be dynamic and driven by a field in the Request? If so, then we may be able to provide something like the attached, and give you an additional input parameter for you to define the IDs for the users you are mentioning in 1 & 2:


It's not an elegant solution, but probably the best we could do while we wait for Microsoft to push the API out of beta, hopefully with better support for mentions...




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Hi @Will J Douglas,

Our iBridge connection does not inject the necessary extra code to make the mentions work, so it is very unlikely that anyone has got this working. 

The reason this has not (yet) been done is that behind the scenes, in order to make a mention, you would need all the targets' GUID (i.e. the very longy ID used to identify the target (user, channel, group etc)). Our code would also need to know what "type" the target is as well.

There would be two ways for us to obtain that information: through querying Teams (but we would have to search through each type (for each mention)) or by adding extra areas in the Cloud interface and for you to know the GUIDs (or store them against the intended recipients).

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