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Mailbox question

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Hi All,

I am in the process of trying to wind down an old instance of Hornbill and have a question around the mailbox.

On this instance we have still receiving incoming emails from our Customers (this is due to a number of factors, one of which included the fact that our IT email address for our incoming queries was changed a number of times and internal rules put in place to bounce any emails onto the newest email address. I believe there are 4 or 5 renamed emails in this chain which ultimately bounce onto the Hornbill email as shown below). Because of this a number of our Customers have still just been emailing to whichever email they have used previously and the rules in place just moved this onto the next mailbox ultimately ending with the latest mailbox. We have identified these users and have sent them emails to confirm what they need to do to remove the incorrect email retained within their Outlook along with details of the correct email they should now be using.

To try and stop anymore emails being sent incorrectly we have removed the incoming mail server settings for this instance, and sent a test email. This email did not hit the mailbox but we also did not receive a bounce back.

Ideally we want the mailbox to not receive the email, and the user to get a bounce back from the address support-meht@live.hornbill.com - any ideas on how to achieve this at all please?

Many thanks




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@Adrian Simpkins if the email is not actually reaching Hornbill, there is no mechanism that I can see in Hornbill which would then be able to send a bounce back as it would have no knowledge of the email.  It's probably reaching the mailserver and residing there.  The following may be of use in setting this up:



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