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Salesforce to Hornbill Integration?

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I am aware of the iBridge for Hornbill to talk to Salesforce, however does anybody have a process whereby Salesforce raises a Request in Hornbill?

There doesn't appear to be anything in the Salesforce world for this and the Hornbill iBridge seems to assume it is the originator (not Salesforce). I would have thought this is not an uncommon requirement but I can't find anything.

Do we need to go down an in-house developed method?

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your post.  Yes, Hornbill iBridge is always initiated in Hornbill.  Some APIs that we call, using the iBridge have output parameters that we can retrieve back into Hornbill, but we don't having anything that you can initiate from within Salesforce.  Salesforce do offer webhooks that can make a HTTP post to a URL which in turn could use a Hornbill API to update Hornbill.  There is a short discussion here along with a few links that others have provided.  It will be interesting to see if other customers that use both Salesforce and Hornbill have done something similar.



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@Frank Reay @James Ainsworth

We are just starting out on looking at integration with Sales Force but as raised its closing the loop to make it two way which make it really useful.

In the past (this is for JIRA integration) we have looked to use auto responders to try get updates back into Hornbill, but due to not being able to control visibility or updating of statuses on the rules, this has proved impractical.



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