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Reporting on Stage Checkpoints

Darren Rose

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Hi @Darren Rose

It's not possible to report on the stage checkpoint of a ticket (happy to be corrected on that), as that is held in the BPM bit rather than the ticket bit.

There are many easy ways to report on the stage with some simple tweaks to the relevant process though. You could update a custom field or one of the main ticket fields when the process hits a certain stage, and remove it / update it at the end of the stage. You can then simply report on all tickets with the relevant field with the value you added in the process.

You could also set a sub-status, so when the ticket hits that stage it updates the sub-status and removes it when the stage is finished. Again, you can then report on all tickets with that sub-status. Both of these options can also be added / seen on the request list, or filtered on using the view builder.

If it doesn't need to be an output i.e. to csv or pdf, you could also post to a certain workspace when a ticket hits a certain stage and then update the same post when the stage ends. This will be easy to see, share, comment on, keep updated on, and see / search historic posts that are automatically updated when tickets hit the relevant stage. 

You could also use the Board Manager app to provide a high-level view of all tickets, which will show you at a glance all the tickets in a certain stage of a ticket. I know several customers use this to manage all Change Requests during a CAB. Like the below:



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