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Making decisions based on dates

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Is there a way to have a decision based on time/date?

e.g. we have a process which asks 'when is this person leaving' in a pcf with a date picker. We then use this to put requests on hold until this date, before closing thier accounts etc, however if someone selects a date in the past the on hold node can't cope with this and the BPM fails.

So is there a way decision can be made, e.g. is this date (from variable) in the past?

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@Jeremy whilst it doesn't answer the question on making decisions on dates, you can stop your users from putting dates from the past in the first place in progressive capture

On the date picker:

* Set default to the current date

* Use a WTC

* Then specify the range of date a user can pick - here i have chosen 0-60, so the user can only pick dates from today and the next 60 days, or if you put 1-60 this would allow tomorrow and 60 days after that.


In the PC you can see the dates before today are greyed out, so the user has to pick a date (in my example between today and 60 days out)


The control also allows - days, so you could allow -5 and allow them to pick from the previous 5 days as well but this of course would not help here.

Just a thought given the example you mentioned.   



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