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@David Longley FYI your topic in Progressive Capture Engine section was merged with this one since your query is about Service Manager (service configuration including portal appearance is done via Service Manager app) not PCF itself and there was already an existing thread recently raised on the exact same topic 

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On 5/7/2020 at 4:26 AM, Will J Douglas said:

Are there any plans to allow custom icons for Service Manager? 

 Hi Will,

Thanks for your post.  Great to hear that the increased number of icons in the icon library have helped.   When mentioning custom icons, I'm assuming that you want to upload your own icons that you have sourced or created.  

We have used Font Icons in many places within Hornbill as they offer a number of benefits:

  • Easy to format using CSS.  Allows for colour settings on the portals.
  • Easily scaled in size.  The size of the displayed services images varies between self service portals, mobile devices, admin views, progressive capture, and more
  • They are small.  Makes for fast loading. 
  • We use responsive screen layouts so that as you switch between a large monitor down to a small screened laptop or tablet, the icons can be rendered according to the size of the screen.  
  • Cross browser support.  These icons will all be displayed in the same way by all the different browsers.  

Are you looking for the ability to upload additional SVG icons that you have designed yourself or are you looking more at the ability to upload other graphic types like a png or jpg?  I'm going to assume that non SVG icons may have some issues with some of my mentioned points above.  



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@James Ainsworth

We're looking to upload additional SVG icons that we have designed to complement the existing set.

I'm trying to retire selecting text base Profile codes in favour of larger numbers of icon based catalog items to speed up request logging for our hotel teams.

Since we are using the platform for Hotel Property Maintenance and well as IT not everything we need is covered at the moment ( I know its minor and mainly cosmetic only but its nice to have everything 100%)




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