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Be able to format resolution emails - HTML style formatting

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


Would it be possible to add a feature to resolution emails to edit them more than we already can do?

When emailing from a ticket there are a lot of useful edits, whereas when writing your resolution, you don’t get any off these options (these options are shown in the image below). This would give the resolution a WYSIWYG style so we could get a better look at the format of the resolution email before we send it.

It would also be helpful to allow attachments on resolution emails.





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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your post.  

We do have a change in our backlog for the attachments on the resolution emails.  I'll add your interest to the change.  

I'll also have a look at the formatting.  In the past I have thought about adding something similar to Problem Records where you publish a workaround. In this case you would have an internal resolution and a published resolution for the customer.  I'm make sure that the requirement is captured so we can keep this in mind in the future.



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