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Clicking tick to complete task should complete task

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


Within human tasks in a ticket there is a small tick that leads to another prompt (this is shown in the images below). Would it be possible to change this so that the small tick prompt completes the task without being prompted again? This would decrease the amount of click to resolve a ticket with would result in saving time.






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But don't you need to prompt the user to enter a reason especially if Rejected? That is important for us to capture.

What we do find frustrating is if you click on the words to the left (instead of the tick) then you go to some other superfluous pop-up and then to the above pop-up. That does create an extra click for no reason that I can see.

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@Jamie Talbot, @Frank Reay,

Jamie, in your screenshot you are showing a task that has three possible outcomes (Authorise, Reject and With Cab). In that case it must allow you to chose one of these.

The task will attempt to request as less clicks as possible to complete it. If the task is not requesting extra fields or a reason or a time spent it will prompt straight to the complete view (next screenshot).


When clicking on the left hand side 


It will open the task in read only mode but when clicking on the tick it will open in complete mode.

There are very few scenarios where there are absolutely no details to show (as mentioned at above). In that case, we could improve and not show a popup at all.

Hope this makes things clear.





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