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Date Format in Reports

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Hi @Adnan Zamurred

Thanks for the post.  I'm guessing you are talking about the request list export of requests? (If not then please let me know) 

If it is the request list export then the exported dates should use your date/time format settings from your profile settings during export, so it may be a case of altering those settings to a format that you want to use for your export.

Kind Regards,


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Ho @David Hall

Thank you for your response.

I've created a report from the service manager using the requests table and filters accordingly. When I generate the report and download it, the date format is like this 06 05 2020 16:02. Looking to schedule the reports to be created and would be much easier if the date is in the correct format which prevents having to play around with it in Excel. 

Exporting the request list is perfect and in the correct format as per my profile.  

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