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Availability - Quick Change without having to change screen/open Profile

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Can we request an enhancement to the top menu notification bar, to allow you to more easily and quickly change your Availability in Hornbill without having to change focus of the current tab or have to click on the cog and use the open in a new tab/window.

Sometimes when you are working on a request you need to alter you availability but at the moment you cannot do this without either changing the current session or having go through 6 clicks to open it in new tab/window and change the current setting. With us rolling out auto assign, it is important the our analyst update their availability in real time, but at the moment it is quite onerous to just simply change from one availability status to another.

Can we simply have the ability to drop down the list of availability of statues (1st click) and select one (2nd click)? If you need to change the text then you can still use the full profile method.




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