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Different email template per catalog item?

Paul Alexander

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I have a few requests which will be logged via CI's on the portal and all of these requests use the same Service.

But -  for each request I'm going to need a different email template to be available as the default when the email function is used in the ticket. 

I know that there is a default email template setting for each request TYPE per service, but I really do need to be able to change this setting per Catalog Item. Is that possible? Or is there a way of using an Auto Task which might help? 

OR is there a way of limiting the email templates that someone could pick from Template drop down box in the email function of the request? 


Any ideas please? 



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+1 We would also like to limit the number of email templates that appear in the drop-down box on the request.

We have some templates that are used by Business Processes only, as well as templates used by different teams/services.

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I would also like to see that each of our teams (each of which is segregated so they only see their tickets, being in discrete areas) only get to see the templates that relate to their area. We're working round this by prefixing each template name with the name of the team it relates to and then have a long list and the team furthest down the alphabet has to scroll to the bottom. Not a deal breaker but it seems counter intuitive that the tickets are segregated but the templates not (and I realise that you might want to share a template across teams even if they are segregated, but we don't as each has their own signature)



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