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Report on Unread Notifications

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Is it possible to run a report for unread notifications per agent?  Ideally I would like to create a widget of the total outstanding notifications on my dashboard also.

Similar to this also, a report to show quantity of unread chats per agent?

I want to start querying how up to date my agents are.

Regards and thanks,


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I'm not entirely sure if this is possible.  Also not sure if this is the best measure to go on.  It's so easy for a user to just clear all their notifications with a single click to make it seem that they are on top of things.

Something that might be of value is looking to see which request owners have seen updates to their assigned requests.  There is a field h_isanalystunread which will be set to 1 when an update is made to the request by a customer, another agent, or BPM automation.  and then set back to 0 when the owner opens and views the request.  It will give you an idea of which agents are on top of their owned requests.

Let me know what you think.


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