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Notification - Pop up dialog's - timeline update and request summary

Martyn Houghton

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Can I raise an enhancement request to the Notification Bell list to make it more powerful and allow you to preview the notification before having to click on it which then dismisses the notification. Often we will have many notifications about updates on requests but with the limited information available in the Notification Bell list it is not easier to determine there priority without opening them which then removes them from the list so if it is not a priority you have got to remember to go back to it.

If hovering over the request reference could pop out the request summary dialog as it does on the Request List screen, this would allow us to remind us of the request context. Then if hovering over the first time element it provided a preview of the timeline/workspace post the notification is linked you would be able to determine whether you need to action the notification now or leave it in your list to pickup later.

Example mock up below.




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