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Bypassing Email Already in Use errors in Contact Insert


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Hello Hornbill Forum,

Has anyone managed to bypass the uniqueness requirement on email addresses when building new Contacts? We used to be able to accept raising multiple new Contacts all with the same email address, but I think a Hornbill update put a stop to it. Wondering if anyone knows of a setting to switch this check against emails off?

FYI, many of our clients choose to use an internal mailing list (its@whatever.org for example) that we associate with all the contacts of the organisation. This allows all the members to receive email notifications rather than the one contact that raised an issue. It seems I can no longer add its@whatever.org to a new contact so they can join the mailing list essentially, as the email address is currently in use. The logon ids are certainly unique, but how do I switch off the uniqueness check against email addresses?

Appreciate any feedback!


Axiell Group

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Hi Chris,

I believe that this may be the setting that you are looking for.  This was added March 26th, 2018 as part of the platform build 2897.  There are no other changes in this area.  Is it possible that someone has turned off this setting on your Hornbill recently?


Let us know if this helps



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@Chris_Vass @Frank Reay and anyone reading this.

Be wary of other implications when disabling email duplicate validation for contacts. For example, emails from contacts having duplicate emails in Hornbill will not be processed by autoresponder, if you have this enabled in your instance. Another thing is to ensure contacts have unique logon IDs when sharing the same email address to avoid login issues on customer portal (which allows both login ID and emails to be used for login). 

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