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I am trying to build a email from the questions answered in a PCF I have got all the questions to appear in the custom field, however the questions are appearing in a paragraph. How can I split these out so that each response is on an individual line? e.g.

skjgsdlfgldfsgjds sdfgsfs dfgsdf gds fgdsfg? sadfdsf sd fsdfs dsdf sdfs dfs? sdfsf sfs dfsa fsdfsfsdfs

sadfsdf sad f dsaf asasf?
sdf saf rghgh ertwwfs wgds dfgdgds?
ets sdfs asfsdfs?

Can this be achieved via wiki formatting? If so what is the correct syntax?

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I'm advised a VARCHAR should also work, so it's not that.
I just added my Questions into CustomP as part of the BPM like so:image.png

and when I output that to the timeline I got this with no extra formatting required.


I don't have email set up on my test, but if you can see the above in timeline but not the email I'd suggest using HTML breaks (<br />) or paragraphs (<p>...<\p>) to separate out the lines.


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OK, back the the drawing board.
Leading and trailing white-space, including line breaks, are removed when using the append function. At the moment the only way I can see to keep the line breaks is to use a '.' on its own line with the variable you're inserting in the line underneath.
This will add a full stop to the end of each sentence, but shouldn't be too obtrusive.

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@Jeremy Looking at the example above, as each element ends with a "?" you could try replacing "." with "?" as per my suggestion above, and that should look as expected.

Apart from that I could only suggest streamlining the questionnaire - if there are more than 40 questions in the ProCap I (as a customer) probably wouldn't bother answering.

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