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User/Site Name Not Updating

Michael Sharp

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We have found when the name of a site changes, or the name of a user changes, this is not updated in Asset Management.  For example, if a user changes their name (commonly when married or divorced), their old name resides against the asset and reports.  Further to this, we have adjusted the names of our sites which have not propegated e.g. renamed our Byrom Place 7th Floor site to BP7.



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Guest Ehsan

@Michael Sharp,

When viewing or utilising an Asset within the Service Manager capacity, the most up to date information about the Asset should be presented to you. We have raised a defect to update the Assets list to display the most up to date information.

In relation to reports, Instead of displaying "Site" and "Owned By Name" from CMDB Assets table, you can configure your report as below.

Aside from CMDB Assets table, add h_sys_accounts and h_sys_sites.

Configure the join on h_sys_sites table as below.


Configure the join on h_sys_accounts table as below.


In the Select Columns tab, add the columns below.


In my example, I gave h_sys_accounts table an alias of "user". It may be more appropriate to call it "Owned By" - You can configure this in Select Tables tab.

I hope this helps.


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