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Full User getting an error when raising a request

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

So one of my Users is having problems raising a request against one particular Service / Catalogue item where it seems to fail to initiate the BPM and falls over at raising when it is raised against her name. I have replicated her data, and tried it myself and I get the same error, so I am trying to work out why she is / I am receiving the error? She has tried this on 2 different computers, and gets the same error on both (Screen shot below). I have seen this error previously on other requests where for some reason it seems to initiate the BPM - would anyone know why only one User in particular is seeing this against one specific Service / Catalogue item at all please?

Many thanks


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Hi Victor, thanks for the above - now that I could see the whole error it became very obvious! I am looking at the Regex now to limit the characters, but I have not used this much yet - is there a specific command for the number of characters? I presume its on the wiki? thanks!


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17 hours ago, Adrian Simpkins said:

Just out of interest how do I view the whole error message?

You can click on the error to have it displayed in a popup which displays more text but on some errors (depending on text size) it still won't display it full. For these either look in the browser dev console to see the full API response (where the error is) or look in/through the instance event logs. Or ask Hornbill :D 

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