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Email Notifications Bounceback - system.administrator wasn't found at hornbill.com


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In our business process when tickets are logged, an email notification is sent to all members of the relevant team.

We are getting bouncebacks on this, and was wondering if anyone could assist in pinpointing whats causing it.

I have attached the contents of the bounceback message below


From: Hornbill Postmaster Address (Removed)
Date: 10:12:24 27 Apr 2020
To: DataQuestUK Email address (Removed)
Subject: Undeliverable: Ticket assigned to your team - IN00009257: 



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Hi Malcolm,

 hope you're well.

I've edited the post to conceal the company specific information that was in there and removed the attachment for the same reasons, you can never be too careful!

Looking at the bounce-back, the reason its given is because the email address " system.administrator@hornbill.com" doesn't exist. This means one of the recipients has this email address specified in their use account:


The user account in question will be the "Admin" user, which has this email address set as default, and the reason why its trying to send the notification to this email address is because the admin user will be part of the team, quite common when we've been testing/configuring things.

This can be addressed by one of the following:

1) Disable assignment for the "admin" user for the team in question. Assignment options for team members can be managed via Hornbill Administration > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Configuration > Service Desk 

2) Remove the "admin" user from the team in question. this can be done via the Organisation Structure in Hornbill Administration > System > Organisational Structure
https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Organisation (see the section "Removing Users from a Group")

3) Change the email address of the "admin" account to a valid email address

I hope that helps,

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