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When i log into the new Employee Portal as a test Basic user, i am able to log the call successfully but then have to backpage to get to the front page again. If i scroll up to the top Harry Hornbill and the Home Tiles are hiding at the top but i am unable to drag them down to use. Is there a better way for our customers to go back to the start in case they want to view previous calls etc. apart from closing and reopening the page.

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@7oaks When a request has been logged, your navigation options (Breadcrumbs) should show below the header when on the request view. 

* Company Home / Manager My Talent - In my example this is the name of my home page / the name of the service view which i navigated from to raise the ticket

* IT HR FACILITIES SECURITY - These are the names of the different domain pages i have configured on my instance, but if you have configured any domain pages, which the user has access to, they should see these navigation options also.



Can you see these options on your instance?


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