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Custom fields not pulling through to email


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Hi all,

So I've been trying to generate an email with information from the PC which is pulled through in to custom fields and also the same with Business Process Task answers. I understand the logic and have read other topics on here where people said similar but their suggestions usually were to put a pause wait field before the email so it has time for the custom fields to pull through. My email is being generated at the end of the 2nd page before closure but has PC custom fields are being pulled through at the start of the first page which sometimes doesn't populate and I know there is information as its a mandatory field. This can't be a time issue as the pull custom field is at the beginning.


The first image above is the PC questions being pulled through on the first page.


This image is of the BP task and custom field being pulled through before the email. The email contains a mixture of PC & BP answers but it's very random about what gets pulled through. Also I know the tasks and answers it's pulling through is right.


Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

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@CalebH let me see if I follow this... so: you have a PCF (progressive capture flow) with various questions and answers which are mapped to custom fields in the PCF (is this correct?). When the request is raised, the workflow will populate (other) certain custom fields with task outcomes (is this correct?). You then have an email, at some point, that is using a template where you are using (some of) these custom fields. The issue is these custom fields do not (always?) populate.

Would be good if you can also show (screenshot) the template and an example of an email with issues (remember to obfuscate any confidential/sensitive info)

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