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Request updates clashing


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Now that many of our anaalysts work from home we have seen several instances where multiple people picked up the same ticket and individually updated it without any notification or "lock" to prevent simultaneous update of the same ticket.
Even if they for example begin by assigning the ticket to themselves, there have been instances where several analysts have done this almost simultaneously and the customer got confused because all they could see whas the ticket bouncing around during a short period of time.
Also there have been information to the customer that went out simultaneously from 2 different people.
would it be possible to show some information when you look at a request that says something along "Analyst X is also looking at this". Our previous support system had this kind of feature.

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@HHH I can see your point, but wouldn't someone taking ownership of the request accomplish something similar, as you could then look at the request, see it has an owner and then know that no action is required as someone else is handling it.

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