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Mailbox Refresh rate


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Hi Jeremy,

I've moved your post to the Collaboration forum.  As our apps are so closely integrated it can be hard to tell where one stops and the other starts, so it isn't easy finding the right place to post a question.  I'll make sure that the team that manage this area are aware.



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Hi @Jeremy,

There is no refresh rate for the counters. Is based on events, so when something has changed in the mailbox the client will receive a message from the server saying that the counters changed. So the figure is quite accurate in real time. Depending on your instance configuration, that event can be delayed to avoid loading too much data if many events come at the same time for example if you receive 100 emails in the same minute we want to avoid loading the counters 100 times in that minute as this can slow down dramatically the system.

That application setting is ''app.view.email.mailGetUnreadCounts.sharePromiseTimeout'' (in the Collaboration App) and the default is 1 second, but some busy systems might have it set to to 1 minute or even 5 minutes, so that can be the cause you might see a delay in your update.

Can you check what is the value?



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