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app.request.status.hidePlaceOnHold question


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I'm looking to disable on hold functionality across all IT services. I have found the setting app.request.status.hidePlaceOnHold setting but the description of it is not clear to me I'm afriad, can someone explain what it does?

Or, even better, can someone advise how to turn off on hold functionality!?



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When you have a request sub-status then the "pause/place on hold" button is now a "Select Sub-Status" button. If there are no sub-statuses for on hold status then, by default, alongside any active (off hold) sub-statuses you get a "Place On-Hold" option, that's not actually a sub-status as there are none defined. Like this:


What the setting does is to remove the "Place On-Hold" option when there are no sub-statuses configured for on-hold (given that you have Select Sub-status which is driven by having at least one active sub-status configured).

Makes sense?

So, you can achieve what you want by having one or more active sub-statuses and no on hold sub-statuses and turning the setting ON.

[EDIT]: made a correction in regards to how and when "Select Sub-Status" button  appears instead of "pause/place on hold" button

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