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Issue with an internal account accessing Hornbill

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

So we have a 3rd party supplier who will be working requests within Service Manager - we have setup an Active Directory account for the supplier to allow them to logon like one of our normal Analysts as the Supplier will be working on our Sites to action issues, then resolving them within Hornbill.

However, we are unable to get the logon to work - the AD account has been created without a mailbox, so I was wondering if this would affect the SAML logon / direct logon to Hornbill? I have tried logging on using the Vendor account details, but just get the message 'The username or password is incorrect'.

Many thanks

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Hi Steven

Thanks for the above, we resolved this in the end by granting a mailbox to the account, and authentication against our servers internally on the network before issuing the logon to the Vendor - all sorted and they are now accessing the work queues

Many thanks as always for the response !

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