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PCF section collapsing - enhancement


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We have forms with quite a few sections and when the data appears in the right hand side you don't know how far you are etc, would it be possible to allow the previous completed sections to be collapsed to just show the section header?

Also I have noticed that when going to a new stage in the Employee Portal it doesn't return you to the top of the page and sometimes leaves you in the middle with empty white space when go from a section with lots of questions to one that has a few, guess this is something to do with the sections on the right filling more of the page...

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Hi @Jeremy

About moving page up when switching forms - working on proper (a bit smart) solution of that problem - so it will move page up only when top of the form will be not in visible area.

In your other question about collapsing body of right side forms - will check what can be done here and will get back to you when have info.


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@Jeremy so I did check when we can have a nearest release with this update and it seems like there is more things that are also waiting in the queue. At the moment I got information that it should be end of next week :/ I know that is not the answer you've been expecting but this is how things looks like.


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