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Is the Service Page no longer configurable?

Frank Reay

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We are currently on the My-Services Portal and when a user wishes to raise a Request within a service we can configure the page (via Settings) to make it look really nice. I know this was an experimental setting but the users loved it.


However the Employee Portal does not seem to pick up these Settings. The page has no Design Mode so I end up with this which looks much less attractive and rather bland.  


Can we have some colour back please?

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@Frank Reay Thanks for the post. 

The colour settings on the service / my service portals were experimental settings and never fully released.   


Having moved to the employee portal this is not something which has been taken across at this point. 

The Service view on the employee portal, does allow for colour configuration. 

The service view is governed by the settings in the Section settings in the Body tab of the Employee Portal settings.  These settings are global and will apply to all service views, and to the domain pages, so will be consistent across the employee portal.  




On the domain pages, the widgets will inherit the same colours, but each widget can be overridden using it's styling options to provide different colour options 

Here for example, i have the same colours for all widgets, but have gone into one, and changed the service Icon colour to yellow, and text to green which is specific to that widget, and not the rest.  I could of course customise each widget as i 


Obviously the employee portal is a new function and we continue to review and evolve it.




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