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Asset Management Types - Ability to modify Asset Type default images

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment you can only upload an image to an individual asset. It would be really useful to either be able to add our own thumbnail picture or even select from font awesome icons for the default image for each Asset Type.


At the moment every asset type under each asset class has the same hard coded image. These images are not consistent with the ones displayed when accessing 'Asset Management', which do appear to be font awesome icons.




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Hi Martyn,

I'll start by having a look to see if we can quickly swap out those default icons and in their place, use the Asset Class icons that are seen on the Assets Landing page.  After this has been done, we can then think about giving an option to allow a user to change them.



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We have custom images as a default?  Historically when you added a new default image, it overwrites ALL images in that asset class, even if images are applied individually to assets.  Is that still the case?

@Martyn Houghton this website might be helpful if you want to have a go at this manually?  Can use your own icon choice and colors:



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Hi Martyn,

I'm not sure I follow.  You can already add your own image to an Asset Type.  You will need to click on the Edit button on the main form to enable the Change Image button.



Are you wanting to include the set of Icons for selection here as well?

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