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New Asset - Copy Asset option

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment though you can link assets together, there is not option like in requests to raise a new asset (copy) taking over the details of the current asset. Can we raise an enhancement for the ability to copy an asset from both the asset form and via the asset list view.

In our case, we have annual licenses which are issued each year, so we would want to copy the current software asset and then create a new one which as a new license code/expiry on it. I could also see this being applicable for hardware assets where a unit is switched out such as a laptop, where the disk may be move the replacement machine.



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Not exactly a copy asset function but you can export the assets you need to replace to a csv, edit the license code/expiry date in the file, them import the updated sheet as new assets.

The editing would be quicker than using the Hornbill UI as well.

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Yes im having to put in lots of assets into the the system of the same devices and just need to have the ability to copy one asset then change some of the details like sirial number but it would also help if we could edit the asset name there don't seem to be any way to edit an assets name once its been created 


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@Washu As mentioned above, the best way to achieve this for large numbers of assets is to import from a spreadsheet - even if you could copy an asset within Hornbill changing the details in the UI would be a much longer process than doing it in a spreadsheet (which is designed to achieve exactly that!)

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