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Hi Team

I have a few questions about the use of ITOM to facilitate AD password reset/ account unlock, if you could help?

what scenario do you envisage a user being able to use the facility?

We use SSO in our environment, I am assuming a locked out user in AD would not be able to access the Hornbill Portal to raise the reset request?




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Hi @AndyGilly, Currently then the solution for the Password reset is yet to be finalised however it is one of our priorities. Earmarked as part of the ITOM offering, due to the specific behaviour it is envisaged that some features are developed independently from the ITOM feature set.

The feature provides a mechanism for a standard password reset via a simple service request utilising an ITOM automation, and for users that have been locked out or require a password change without logging in first.

One or more, the following could be provided:

  • Service request via the Mobile App (possibly since the mobile device has a trust established with a user account)
  • A popular choice is to provide a Windows GINA extension installed on each workstation to provide a Hornbill Password Reset.
  • We are also looking into the possibility of providing some form of Trusted Colleague password reset, who would be able to generate an authorisation code, that the user would require during the reset request.

Hopefully this provides you with the information you require, feel free to contact me if you require any further clarification.




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