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Custom fields not populating (31-40)

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I have a request which is asking for information to be added to custom fields 34-40. However, these fields don't seem to be being populated once the PCF form is completed:

The PCF looks like this: 



The question is answered when logging a call:



When I do a search for the custom fields in database direct, custom_34 comes up blank (although other custom fields LOWER than 34 are updated):



When I look at the 'itsm_questions' table the data is there:




Any idea what's going on please?! 







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Guest Paul Alexander

HI @ArmandoDM

I've double checked the BPM nodes and there's nothing there which will clear any fields, and there's nothing in the PCF which overwrites this either. In the PCF there are other questions which should be updating other custom fields (starting at h_custom_31) and they're not populated either, even though the form has been filled in correctly. 

I can't remap these fields unfortunately as it's a big form, so I do need these custom fields.

We are on this build of Service Manager:



The PCF/BPM in question is the 'SERVICE REQUEST - Tech Service - Brief' one if that helps? 




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Guest Ehsan

@Paul Alexander Thanks for confirming. We have identified the cause and rectified the issue. This will be addressed in the next Service Manager build, due to be available on Wednesday 15th April.

We noticed that this was an oversight when those new attributes (Custom 31 to 40) were introduced about a year ago. You raised this with our Support team as an issue that is severely affecting your instance, hence we monitored the infrastructure to begin with to ensure that your instance is operational prior to any further investigation. Soon after, we noticed that the reported issue is not affecting your instance where availability and monitoring is concerned. We pay attention to all Support requests and it really helps when we have the right information at our disposal to begin investigating.

Developers contribute to the forum where they can, as evident within various sections in our community portal but where a developer can't assist any further without access to log files or the instance diagnostics, we advise that those who are subscribed to our comprehensive success plans such as the Premier Success plan (which your organisation is subscribed to) to raise a ticket with our Support function. The Support function can help to manage this better, provides them with the tools needed to check your instance's health and investigate further or request more information via the correct medium. I could understand that this issue and the response you received has frustrated you but we simply followed what we felt was the correct step.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this issue has caused and we hope that the Go Live of the project is successful. Have a great Easter weekend.



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