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Sub-status 'Reason Required' to not be a mandatory field


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Currently, if the 'Reason Required' and the 'Pause Until Date/Time' are enabled


Then the 'Reason' textbox becomes mandatory:



This is different to when the 'Reason Required' is enabled and the 'Pause Until Date/Time' is not



Is it possible to make it so that if both 'Reason Required' and 'Pause Until Date/Time' are enabled, for the 'Reason' field to not be mandatory?


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I see what you mean. 'Reason Required' is controlling whether it is mandatory and visible as one setting, where as you require the ability to control whether 'Reason' is displayed for optional completion separate from it being mandatory (i.e. required).

I can see this would potentially useful for us in some circumstances so +1 for use as well for this enhancement.




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