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Customer updates via email

John C

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Hi All,

Recently when a user updates a ticket we (the team) get a mail notification that the the ticket has been updated by the customer which is correct.

However, in the last month or so when we (the team) respond to the user using @joe bloggs we get another mail saying the ticket has been updated by the customer when in fact it's one of the team, anyway to turn this off?

As I mentioned previously this only started happening in the last month and no change has been made to any of our templates by the team...

Thanks and stay safe....

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@John C it might be a template configuration issue. I'll send you a PM so we can look at this.

I'm afraid @Bob Dickinson is caught up at the moment with other workload and unable to assist. As much as we would like to offer assistance to everyone on the forums we are not always able to do it. After all this is community support and Hornbill support comes on best endeavours.

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Following our conversation and development investigation, we identified a defect in which an email notification is sent to the analyst that is posting a comment to a timeline post. This type of notification should not be sent and the issue is being addressed in one of the following Service Manager automatic updates.

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