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Employee Portal - Multiple Lines on Title (name)

Chris Bardell

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Hi All, Is it possible on the Employee Portal to have multiple lines of text rather than one line on the title (name)?  If not, is this something that can be added please?

For example, on the Employee Portal i am configuring for our Organisation, we would ideally like on the title (name) 2 lines of text rather than just the one.

First Line: NHS Trust Name
Second Line: What the portal is.

Many thanks,

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Thanks for getting back to me @Daniel Dekel but it's not a widget it's the page title, here: 


It won't let me set nothing here, assuming because it uses this to populate the tab name:



The result is this fat white block that is redundant in our environment as shown in red below; we display the name of the page in our header image shown in green. 



On mobile it's really bad...



Hopefully that makes sense?

Cheers, Tom

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