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Feature Request - Request List - Flag Request

Will J Douglas

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I was thinking it would be great if you could implement an enhanced colour based flagging system for requests in the request list or maybe use colour based flagging for different sub-status or when a manager / team leader has updated a ticket.

Currently we have a selected colour (cyan in my case) which highlights requests that have been updated by someone other than the owner and we have a change in text style (italic in my case) for on hold requests.


I think there is a great opportunity to expand this:

Examples would be, allowing a team leader or manager to:

Colour code / flag a ticket which needs to be prioritised (without changing the actual priority) or to request an analyst update a ticket.

Colour code / flag a ticket which an IT Team Leader / Manager has updated ensuring the analyst doesn't miss the update.

Colour code /  flag tickets which are waiting on customer response.


I'm conscious this would need some work so as not to clash with the colour coding on the priorities.

This would bring some real "visual aid" benefits where teams are managing larger queues.


The driver for this request was my team members not realising I had updated tickets with advice on how to proceed.



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