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Employee Portal - not honoring flags/formatting


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We have a a form that is presenting this:


But these are not mandatory fields but it is still asking for completion...

This is the field set up:


And the form settings...


This was never an issue with the Customer Portal... Please can someone take a look please? Thanks

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Hi @Jeremy thanks for PM, got it solved and fixed.

Basically it was runing regex validation against empty fields which shouldn't. I just fixed it right now so is just a matter of release process and you will get it...

Thank you,

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@Miro this is now causing other issues, we have gone live with the new portal and we are designing new forms (PCFs) but the conditional flags are now not working for any new forms!

This is a form:

But when University or Student is chosen there should be other boxes that appear, this is the form design:

The flags are set as:

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